Prime Minister Tony Abbott announces Badgerys Creek roads' package

Prime Minister Tony Abbott was in Liverpool today to announce an infrastructure package to support the airport planned for Badgerys Creek.

The press conference today followed an announcement yesterday that Sydney's second airport would be built at Badgerys Creek.

Yesterday's cabinet decision ended more than 40 years of speculation about the location of the second airport.

Mr Abbott said that the government would spend $1.2 billion on road infrastructure in the area over the next four years and $2.9 billion over the next eight years.

He said the state government would contributed 20 per cent of the road funding and would immediately move to reserve the rail corridor to continue the south west rail link to Penrith.

Mr Abbott would not speculate about the direction that flight paths leading to the airport may go in and said it was too early to discuss whether the airport would have a curfew.

"I'm very proudly here in south western Sydney to make an important announcement for the future of western Sydney, south western Sydney, Sydney and Australia," Mr Abbott said.

"As you know yesterday, the Commonwealth confirmed that Badgerys Creek would the be site of Sydney second airport, or if you like western Sydney's first commercial airport."

"Western Sydney is a great city in its own right, it is economically the third city of Australia and the third city of Australia deserves its own airport, but if you're going to have an airport you need the infrastructure that is going to make it work."

He said the government would be upgrading the Northern Road up to four lanes from Narellan Road to the M4.

"We will be upgrading Elizabeth Drive to a very high standard indeed from the M7 to the Northern Road," Mr Abbott said.

"Very importantly we will urgently be upgrading Bringelly Road to four lanes from the Camden Valley Way to the Northern Road.

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"These are vital pieces of road infrastructure and what they mean is that the announcement yesterday is not just an announcement about an airport, it is an announcement about jobs and infrastructure for western Sydney.

"This is a jobs and infrastructure package.

"There will be 4000 jobs in the short term in road construction and over time the development associated with the new airport we believe there will be at least 60,000 new jobs in western Sydney.

"I am proud to lead a government that is serious about Sydney and western Sydney in particular."

For full coverage of the airport decision pick up next Wednesday's paper.

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