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Aussie adventure: How to make your next trip unforgettable

Aussie adventure: How to make your next trip unforgettable

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Australia is an incredible country with so many different things to offer that you needn't even step foot in an international airport because there is so much to do and see here. From the modern magic of Melbourne, a place brimming with culture and forging a strong identity filled with delicious food to incredible art.

And, if you head down a little further, you'll hit Tasmania. An incredibly unique place filled with beautiful native animals, and open plains of lush, green land. But, this is naming just two of our long list of special and unique spaces within our beautiful country.

So, with so much to see, how do you know where to go? What will make your next trip around our incredible home unforgettable? The answer is, by tailoring it to your specific needs and wants. Are you looking for an action packed adventure or a place to unwind? Here, we detail a selection of some of the special parts of this country and what to do whilst you're there.

For a view of the clearest water: Go yachting in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is a name known all over the world. Its reputation proceeds it as one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, and this would be correct. With water so clear, you'll be able to see your reflection, but you're forgiven if you forget to look, because just below the surface swims incredible sea creatures and plant life.

It would be a travesty not to get yourself on a yacht and sail the ocean, indulging in the blue skies, crystal like water, and fresh sea breeze, that works away any leftover stress still lingering in your body pre-holiday.

Sailing takes you away from the noise of the public and brings you into your own special world, it's just you and the water. For city dwellers, this experience is surreal and a world away from the concrete jungle they spend their days in. However, you may find you enjoy it so much that you begin looking up: a yacht for sale in Australia, as yachting is such a freeing experience that you'll likely be hooked once from the very first trip.

For an action packed adventure: Go canyoning in the Blue Mountains National Park

If yachting sounds fun, but a little tame for you, why not take it to the next level by upping the adrenaline and going canyoning in the beguiling Blue Mountains? Be aware that this trip is by no means for the faint of heart, so if you're planning for this type of Aussie adventure, you better be ready for all that it entails.

Canyoning does not just include the abseiling aspect you may assume, but also bushwalking, swimming, water jumps, as well as really putting your shoes to work by climbing through very rocky terrain. But all of this hard yakka is definitely worth it as you experience the incredible beauty that is the Blue Mountains National Park. With deep ravines and incredible canyons, you'll truly feel like you're in another world.

For a bit of luxurious letting go: Hastings Street, Noosa

If you're wanting to switch up all the adventure for some rest, relaxation, and perhaps even a little pampering, then heading to the famed Hastings Street in Noosa is the perfect destination for your next holiday.

Hastings Street acts like a miniaturised city, with an array of hotels and apartments for you to lounge in, delicious restaurants at every price point, and shops to fill your every want and need.

But of course, it would be nothing without the beauty of Noosa Main beach perched right outside its doorstep. This body of crystal blue water is incredible, with honeymooners, high schoolers, couples and everyone in between flocking to it, creating a happy and high energy atmosphere.

Of course, there are plenty of ice cream shops filled with delicious delights just waiting to be tasted. With spas, luxury stores, and incredible dining experiences adorning the streets. And, you can pretty much bet that no matter what time of year the skies will be blue, and the sand will be warm.

Australia is one of those special places where you can truly find anything your heart desires. Modern glamour comes in the form of the Sydney streets or Melbourne laneways.

Incredible indigenous culture is found everywhere, but particularly in the Northern Territory, filled with seemingly sunburnt red sand and incredible stories. And of course, the blue waters the country is famous for are found all over, but perhaps most noticeable in beautiful Queensland. You can find spectacular views and beauty pretty much anywhere you go, so the final question is, what are you waiting for?