Macarthur triplets ready to head off to 'big school'

Triplets Adam, Alma and Ali Hasan are ready to start school at Glenwood Public School next week. Picture: Chris Lane
Triplets Adam, Alma and Ali Hasan are ready to start school at Glenwood Public School next week. Picture: Chris Lane

Thousands of children are getting ready to start school next week and triplets, Ali, Adam and Alma Hasan are counting down the days.

The Glenfield trio will be starting their education at Glenwood Public School on January 31.

Their parents Hussein and Louaa Hasan said they do not mind if Ali, Adam and Alma were in the same class or separated, they have left that decision to the school teachers.

"They are so excited that they're going to big school, every day they ask me can we go to big school now," Mrs. Hasan said.

The family are members of the Southern Sydney Multiple Birth Association (SSMBA) which has allowed them to share ideas with other twin and triplet families, like the Soo family.

Twins, Lucy and Jasmine Soo will be kicking off their schooling at Campbelltown North Public School.

Their mother Rebecca Soo said they have decided to keep Lucy and Jasmine together in their first year at school as they are so close, and she can't imagine them being separated yet.

"They are really looking forward to big school. They are having the same kindergarten teacher as their older brother had so they think that is pretty cool," she said.

"They have one little friend from daycare going to the same school but otherwise they need to make all new friends which they are scared about but also so excited.

"They love learning so are really looking forward to learning how to read and spelling and most of all the canteen."

The Southern Sydney Multiple Birth Association (SSMBA) is affiliated with the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) and offer a range of resources, services and events for multiple birth families.

The AMBA says there will be more than 9000 twins, triplets or more, heading off to school for the very first time in 2022.

AMBA chair Larissa Jordan says that although starting school is an exciting time for any child, having two or more children start school at once can be challenging for families with multiples.

"Aside from the multiple sets of uniforms and supplies, there are a number of other considerations that parents must take into account and discuss with the school, before their children commence," Mrs Jordan said.

"Classroom placement - whether to split them or keep them together - is one of the biggest dilemmas faced by parents of multiples.

"There is no one size fits all answer to classroom placement. The research indicates that parents are best placed to determine what will suit the individual needs of their children."

AMBA advocates for multiples to be treated as individuals, while also fostering the unique bond that twins, triplets or more have with each other.

"School readiness is another factor that many families have to consider, with 65 per cent of twins and 95 per cent of higher order multiples born prematurely and a higher percentage experiencing developmental delays," Mrs Jordan said.

"In 2022, our goal will be to 'Educate the Educators' during our annual Multiple Birth Awareness week - putting a spotlight on supporting families with twins, triplets or more in the school setting."