'Funding helps us to support disadvantaged families'

'Funding helps us to support disadvantaged families'

Bossley Park High School's Bossley Employability Skills Program (BESP) will benefit from a $23,000 grant from Mounties.

The program, which aims to improve student employment outcomes and mental wellbeing through collaborative projects, is for year 10 students who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugees or those with low socio-economic backgrounds who are disengaged from education or at risk of leaving school early.

"This program enables students to engage in formal and informal credential training that will make them more employable with Australian recognised qualifications," said Kathryn O'Connor from Bossley Park High School

"Some of these workshops and training sessions include effective communication, Legal Aid information delivery, transition planning, and healthy relationships all with a focus on community service."

The funding is part of the of the 2021 ClubGRANTS scheme with almost $10,000 also donated to not-for-profit organisation Learning Links to fund programs at schools within Fairfield and Liverpool.

Learning Links provides children and young people, who have difficulties learning, with the skills, services and family support that will enable them to reach their full potential.

"15 per cent of children in Australia have a learning difficulty and, without the right support, these difficulties can affect almost every part of their lives," said Don Tilley from Learning Links.

"Children with learning difficulties are often anxious, lack confidence, have trouble communicating, making friends, and building strong relationships. Students benefit greatly from Learning Links' programs that foster strategies to help children build their ability and confidence to learn and play alongside their peers,

"Our relationship with Mounties Group spans more than seven years, with contributions to our programs totalling more than $90,000 over these years."

Mr Tilley said the funding will help them support disadvantaged families who may otherwise not be able to afford the kind of "critical programs and services" they provide.

"Thanks to generous funders, like Mounties Group, our specialist educators, psychologists and speech therapists can reach children and young people from all communities and help them to learn and thrive," he said.

Mounties Group chief executive Dale Hunt said the grant contributions are "significant".

"We are always looking to support organisations that benefit locals," he said.

"The ClubGRANTS funding forms part of the $9.9 million we have given in the last financial year which comes from the ClubGRANTS scheme, community cash contributions, charity donations and local sporting sponsorships.

"These ClubGRANTS are just one of the many ways Mounties Group is proactive in providing support, services and facilities for the betterment of our local community."

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