Water polo gold medallist Debbie Watson named our ambassador

Debbie Watson.

Debbie Watson.

Olympic water polo gold medallist Debbie Watson is Liverpool's Australia Day ambassador.

Ms Watson, who captained Australia to World Cup and World Championship victories and was part of the Australian women's team which won gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, will lead council' Australia Day celebrations which will include an awards and citizenship ceremony at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

"We're delighted to have Ms Watson as our Australia Day Ambassador. She helped rewrite the history of water polo in Australia and guided our nation's sporting success at an international level - showing what can be achieved with grit, determination and passion," Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun said.

"Her achievements and merits beyond the pool speak volumes too. Ms Watson continues to enrich the sport of water polo through her influence of younger generations in the roles of water polo coach, teacher and motivational speaker.

"This year's recipients of the Australia Day Awards embody many of the same wonderful qualities Ms Watson has displayed throughout her career."

Nine awards will be presented to individuals, businesses and groups who have made outstanding contributions to the Liverpool community. Council will also help 20 members of the Liverpool community receive their Australian Citizenship.

"Our celebrations are as much about the 150 distinct cultures that call Liverpool home, as the one culture that unites us all - being Australian," said Mayor Mannoun.

"I'm pleased to have the opportunity to personally welcome these new citizens into our community and congratulate those making Liverpool a better place to live, work and play each and every day.

"For a community as rich in culture as Liverpool is, Australia Day holds a special place in the hearts of our residents."

Following the formalities, council will be hosting a free community event at Bigge Park on January 26 and 27. The event will feature food stalls, live music and an open-air cinema.

"This year, we'll be celebrating Australia Day Love Summer-style with festivities that will span two days and involve several local businesses in an effort to stimulate the economy while celebrating the rich culture of our region," Mr Mannoun said.

"We are proud to have a number of fantastic local businesses showcasing their food on the day and bringing the many flavours that enrich the fabric of Liverpool to our plates."

Sai Uday Chesukuthota from Liverpool's Dosa Hut said: "In order to learn a culture, you must see the culture and you must taste the food first, that's what we are looking forward to at the Australia Day event. We'll bring the food and introduce people to our Indian culture."