'I'm committed to delivering a better city'

Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun with wife, Tina and children.
Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun with wife, Tina and children.

Working to remove 30km/h speed zones, upgrading Kurrajong Road and constructing new swimming pools in Carnes Hill and Chipping Norton/Moorebank are all on the agenda for newly popularly Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun.

As part of his 100-day plan for Liverpool, Mr Mannoun, who served as mayor between 2021 and 2016, also plans to clean the streets and introduce 500 new car parking spots.

"It is an absolute honour, and I can't express how grateful and thankful I am that the people of Liverpool have given me this opportunity to come back and work for them," Mayor Mannoun said.

"I'm committed to delivering a better city for the whole community, as well as improving the quality of life for the people of Liverpool and south-west Sydney.

"Every decision we make in the next few months and years will be geared towards that - whether its new parks, boosting our local economy, upgrading recreational facilities, or ensuring clean streets.

"I also look forward to working with my fellow elected councillors to progress Liverpool and provide more opportunities for an even brighter future."

Mr Mannoun, who has worked in the private sector since 2016, will be joined by 10-elected councillors from December's election:

South Ward: Charishma Kaliyanda (ALP), Fiona Macnaught (LIB), Richard Ammoun (LIB), Betty Green (ALP), Karress Rhodes (LCIT).

North Ward: Mazhar Hadid (LIB), Nathan Hagarty (ALP), Ali Karnib (ALP), Mel Goodman (LIB), Peter Harle (LCIT).