Andrew Wallace replaces Tony Smith as new Speaker of the House of Representatives

Promising fairness and independence, Queensland LNP MP Andrew Wallace has been elected as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives - and as is tradition, dragged to the Speaker's chair - replacing the outgoing Tony Smith.

The 53 year old, who has represented the seat of Fisher since 2016, was nominated by government members ahead of the retiring Victorian Federal MP Kevin Andrews.

With a smile, reading glasses on his head and an opposition shout of "off with his head", he was "reluctantly dragged" to the Speaker's chair by his nominees, fellow MPs Julian Lesser and Angie Bell.

Labor attempted to run its own candidate, the federal member for McEwen Rob Mitchell, but failed on the numbers.

Andrew Wallace is "dragged" to his seat by fellow MPs Julian Lesser and Angie Bell after being elected Speaker. Picture: Keegan Carroll

Andrew Wallace is "dragged" to his seat by fellow MPs Julian Lesser and Angie Bell after being elected Speaker. Picture: Keegan Carroll

The vote for speaker was won by Mr Wallace 70 votes to 59.

Like his predecessor, the new speaker says he will "at least for the life of this parliament" not sit in the Liberal party room.

"I can't promise you that I won't make mistakes. What I can promise you is that I will execute my responsibilities fairly," he told Parliament.

"It is important for whoever sits in this chair to not only be fair and independent, but we seen to be so."

Mr Wallace has been welcomed to the role by Prime Minister Scott Morrison as man with rich life experience.

"He is a considered man. He is a very intelligent man. He has a keen attention to detail we all know," Mr Morrison said. "He's passionate and he has a compassion in his heart and in his soul which so many of us who know him well have been touched by."

"He has known difficult problems, tragic times, hardships in his life. He has also enjoyed success."

Labor leader Anthony Albanese also welcomed him as Speaker, saying it was a credit to him to rise to the role after only two terms in Parliament.

"With that high office comes a responsibility, a responsibility to represent the interests of all members, all members of this chamber," Mr Albanese said. "And with that, of course that is something that your predecessor distinguished himself on very much so."

"This is a place where we can make a true difference. Where we can anticipate and shape a better future for the nation. Where we we can turn the aspirations of the Australian people that we represent into a reality."

Mr Lesser, the Member for Berowra, offered Mr Wallace as "well respected", "eminently qualified," as an avid motorbike rider and, cheekily, Parliament's "wowser in chief".

"He's a big thinker. A true parliamentarian," he said.

"In my view, he is one of the most decent people ever to set foot in this place."

After schooling, Mr Wallace trained to be a priest, before embarking on a career that included carpentry, construction and law.

Tony Smith. Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong

Tony Smith. Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong

Mindful of the 46th parliament drawing to a close and therefore an election being nigh, Mr Wallace had these considered words for his fellow parliamentarians.

"At a time when many Australians have done it very tough over the past two years during this pandemic, emotions are understandably high. And that is never more true as we inch closer to an election," the new Speaker said.

"Today, when social media is awash with misinformation, fake news and thoughtless vitriol, the responsibility lies more heavily on us as parliamentarians, than ever, to embody the very best of political debate.

"This house is our people's house. We give all Australians a voice and we have the power to choose how that voice is heard. We represent [but] we must also lead. It is up to each of us to show that whatever the global crisis or the political pressures that are brought to bear, we can discuss the challenges we face rationally and calm. This place must represent conviction but it must also represent respect, humility and kindness."

Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Smith tendered his resignation to the Governor-General.

A reforming and widely respected Speaker, Mr Smith announced in July he was to step down after six years in the role.

After nearly 20 years in federal parliament, the federal member for the Victorian seat of Casey is also not contesting the next election.

Mr Smith will spend his last months in politics on the government backbench.

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