List of names with highest earning potential worldwide released

This working baby is checking if her name is on the list. Photo: Mahmud Ahsan.
This working baby is checking if her name is on the list. Photo: Mahmud Ahsan.

You want to give your kid the best start in life and naming your child is one of the first things you do, for most. But did you consider the name's earning potential before you bestowed it on your offspring? No? Me either.

Nevertheless, online language platform, Preply has processed thousands of names on LinkedIn from around the world to work out which names work in the highest paying industries and earn the big bucks. Did your child's name make the list?

If you've called your little boy Joe, good work, that name shows up on this list of high earners, frequently. The Bens and the Charlies come out on top in the design and real estate industries and Sophie and Isabel reign supreme in banking, international affairs and architecture.

See the full lists in the gallery below.

It's good news for the Jakes and the Catherines of the world as they came out as the highest earners in the highest paid industry, political organisations, earning on average £81,932 (approximately AUD$150,655).

The next set of names are Joe and Alexandra who were the top names for a career in sport and earning about £55,000 (AUD$101,133).

The Joes and the Claires are taking home the bacon in law practice and Joe and Ann are the highest earners in construction.

Did your kid's name make the cut?

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