An interior stylists top five picks for a summer makeover

TIME TO CHILL: Liz Hayward's top pics for new on-trend pieces to adorn your home this summer. Photos: Supplied
TIME TO CHILL: Liz Hayward's top pics for new on-trend pieces to adorn your home this summer. Photos: Supplied

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate a new season and new year than by freshening up your space. So what comes to mind when you think about giving your home a lift? An introduction of colour, new entertaining opportunities, or maybe something to make your life a little more comfortable and fun.

According to Liz Hayward, interior decorator and stylist at Hayward & Co, this summer we are seeing a continuation of the trend that focuses on making your home functional.

"You can expect to see a lot of natural colours and textures in the home, with materials such as linen, natural stones and rattan," she says. "There is also a movement away from fast furniture and a lean in to recycled or vintage pieces, and investing in key pieces that will last a lifetime."

Recent research by Addicted to Audio revealed that spending on leisure, including homewares, has substantially grown this year.

With that in mind, here are Hayward's top picks if you are on the market for some new on-trend items (starting with the top left photo and working clockwise) .

  • A small stool side table is the perfect multifunctional piece to add to your home. Selecting a piece in a natural stone finish means it can be used in your bathroom as a stool, your lounge as the perfect spot for your coffee, or place in your bedroom as a stylish bedside table. The terrazzo side table from Freedom is a great choice to stay on-trend.
  • The Ocean Swell Cushion by Bonnie & Neil is a great way to bring some earthy textures and colours to your interior. The cushion is designed and handmade in Australia using 100 per cent natural linen.
  • The EarFun Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for using around the house while hosting a dinner party, but compact in size so you can pop it in your bag and bring it with you on a picnic. It's also slimline enough to blend into any well styled bookshelf.
  • Comfort is the most important thing and they say it all starts with a good sleep. These Ecosa pillows are designed to perfectly fit your shoulder alignment and get the most out of your sleep. They are $100 each, but I can vouch these are worth the money.
  • After a long day in the sun, it's time to switch out your thick quilt covers and grab some linen bedding. Bed Threads have some great options to create your own unique bed set with every colour imaginable. This baby blue quilt cover is a great option to brighten up your room without going for a crisp white. The quality far outweighs the price.
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