Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley: We can't afford to lose another ten years to climate inaction

Anne Stanley.

Anne Stanley.

Allies and diplomacy are necessary to improve our lives as Australians so we can progress our economy. To keep Australians safe, we need to trust other countries and more importantly they need to trust us.

Unfortunately, over the last several weeks I am concerned that Australia's standing in the world has been damaged by mismanagement of several key relationships.

In Glasgow at the UN Climate Change conference this week there was an opportunity for Australia to showcase our opportunities for renewable energy technologies and how that can made here and create jobs for Australians.

It was an opportunity to commit to net zero by 2050 and find solutions to problems that are facing nations especially our near neighbours in the Pacific as the climate warms. Instead, what we saw was Morrison-Joyce Government still divided on basic science with no plan for the opportunities the changing global economy presents for Australia's future.

Labor's policies will seize the economic prospects for technologies to deliver the necessary changes to emissions while ensuring that jobs in our regions are supported and technology is made in Australia by Australians to benefit our economy.

Unfortunately, the media has been negative with leaks of personal text messages between our Prime Minister and President Macron, undermining our reputation when Australia needs to build relationships and partnerships.

Australia has already lost more than ten years to fear campaigns and inaction on climate change. Now is the time to act.

We need to seize the opportunities we have in front of us. We can't afford to lose another ten years.