Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley: Morrison removing supports without replacement will not help the economy

Anne Stanley MP.

Anne Stanley MP.

More research released this week by the University of New South Wales has revealed that some suburbs in Werriwa will be plunged below the poverty line if the current COVID supports are withdrawn too early.

Now that the COVID-19 Disaster payment is set to be withdrawn soon after lockdown ends, it is a cause for great concern in our community.

After more than 100 days of lockdown, it is our community that have been subject to the harshest requirements. Meanwhile those in the eastern suburbs continued to go to the beach unhindered.

There has been little evidence that our community were any less compliant, but we were subjected to curfews that the government knew would not work.

What our community and businesses need is support as we emerge from lock down. With mortgage and rental stress up, students missing school, and businesses losing revenue, we need a way to help our community become more resilient.

Removing supports without replacement will not help the economy in South West Sydney snap back.

What we need is targeted support as we emerge from the lockdown. For our mental health and to provide hope for Christmas and beyond.

The changes in leadership in Macquarie Street should not take the focus away from the people who live here.

We have borne the brunt of the restrictions and more support is needed to succeed into the future, not less.