Govt releases data on our COVID-19 vaccination rates

Where does your region stand on the nation's vaccination table?

New data has revealed regional Victoria to be one of the most COVID-19 vaccinated parts of the land.

Bendigo and Warrnambool are on the podium for most vaccinated in Victoria with 52.6 and 51.6 per cent of adults having respectively received at least one dose.

The Wimmera in regional Victoria (51.6) NSW Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven (50.5) and Launceston (50.1) also figure prominently in the race to jab safety.

The federal government data breaks down the first and second dose rates for eligible people aged 15 years old and over, in different geographic areas in every state and territory as at August 2.

It does not reveal the average age of the regions nor does it factor in the available supply of the vaccines.

Vaccination rates in regional NSW are generally lower than metro regions of Sydney, especially so in the far west and Orana regions. There the "at least one dose" figure sits at 34 per cent with just 13.4 per cent fully vaccinated.

In Victoria, the opposite is true where the inner city area of Melbourne sits at under 28 per cent compared to those regional centres.


Vaccination rates in Brisbane suburbs sits about 40 per cent but the regions are lagging behind with just 26.3 per cent having received one dose in the state's outback.

The ACT has strong vaccination rates of about 47 per cent of adults halfway; Darwin 43 per cent and Adelaide just over 45 per cent.

In Western Australia the urbanites are sitting near enough to 50 per cent but in outback WA just 18.2 per cent of the population has had one dose.

You can find the full list of geographic vaccination rates here

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