Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley: Australia does need a National Anti-Corruption Commission

Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley: Australia does need a National Anti-Corruption Commission

Public trust in the Government is the most important pillars of a healthy democracy. People elect their representatives to govern honestly and to ensure fair and equitable stewardship of public money.

Unfortunately, over the past twelve months there has been a litany of examples from the last eight years of the Liberal Federal Government of the use of public funds as private opportunities to increase votes in particular electorates.

We have seen the infamous Sports Rorts to the illegal Robodebt scheme and the Leppington Triangle, the record of the Morrison Government tells a different story.

Scott Morrison announced he would create a national integrity commission over 900 days ago. To date, all we have is a proposal from the Prime Minister for a secretive and toothless 'integrity commission.' A commission that wouldn't even be able to investigate his own ministers or his own government.

While it's clear this Liberal Government do not want one, Australia does need a National Anti-Corruption Commission. Corruption, abuse of public money and dodgy deals can never be tolerated.

Labor's National Anti-Corruption Commission will have the power to investigate and hold to account Commonwealth ministers, public servants, statutory office holders, government agencies, parliamentarians, personal staff of politicians and other Commonwealth public officials.

Every state and territory in Australia have an anti-corruption commission. It is now long past the time for one at the national level to tackle corruption and restore faith and integrity in the Federal Government.

A Labor Government will put an end to the Morrison Government's shameful inaction to restore trust in Government, by establishing a powerful, transparent and independent National Anti-Corruption Commission.