Peter Gutwein announces a second round of travel vouchers for Tasmania

Another round of travel vouchers for Tasmania

A pitch for Tasmanians to holiday at home has become a little bit sweeter, with the government announcing a second round of the successful "Make Yourself at Home" travel vouchers.

Premier Peter Gutwein announced a fresh round of the vouchers on Saturday morning, aiming to encourage Tasmanians to support local businesses and experience their home state in the quieter months.

"It's time to make yourself at home again," he said at a state Liberal Party conference in Launceston.

"Our tourism and hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are taking action to support the sector through this difficult time.

"We will fund a $7.5 million voucher scheme for Tasmanians enticing them to holiday at home, book into local accommodation, and take part in local experiences right across the state."

The application process will be different than the last round, with people able to pre-register for a lottery type system.

Expressions of interest are expected to open early August when the scheme is opened, with the vouchers redeemable for travel up until 24 September.

Guidelines and entry requirements are set to be finalised shortly.

"We expect them to be as successful as our last round, providing vital support for the industry at a challenging time," Mr Gutwein said.

"The hospitality industry will also benefit from Tasmanians travelling around the state, eating out, visiting cafes and local bars.

"With another round of vouchers on offer, I again encourage all Tasmanians to snap them up, get out and about, and experience all our state has to offer while supporting businesses, families, and communities in all areas of Tasmania."

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