Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley: Labor has a plan for housing

Anne Stanley MP. Picture: Simon Bennett
Anne Stanley MP. Picture: Simon Bennett

The Pandemic has emphasised the need for everyone to have access to housing. In lockdowns, you cannot stay at home if you don't have a home.

Without an address, getting a job is impossible. How can you turn up to an interview looking professional if you are sleeping rough?

According to consumer group Choice in May this year, the suburbs within the postcode 2170 have the 2nd highest number of households with mortgage stress in the country and data released by Everybody's Home last year shows Werriwa needs 2,500 social housing homes right now.

Housing is a human right, which is why Labor have proposed a Housing Australia Future Fund. This fund will invest $10 billion dollars and use the returns to build social and affordable housing.

During the first 5 years, the investment returns will fund over 20,000 social housing properties and 10,000 affordable housing properties, directly supporting 21,500 full-time jobs across the construction industry per year and provide crucial training opportunities for apprentices.

Over 27 Industry stakeholders have called on the Government to invest in social housing. The Morrison Government refuse to face this serious issue. The fact is it costs more to neglect the issue.

A PwC Australia economic analysis shows Labor's Housing Fund will save $250 million annually in health, justice and welfare services while also providing housing for 55% of the homeless population. If people have a roof over their head, the whole community benefits.

Labor has a plan. This Government has nothing.