Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley: Fighting for aged care

Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP
Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP

All of us know someone who has had to use the aged care system, whether it is residential aged care, or support to help around the home like mowing the lawns or cleaning.

We also know how much the system is failing because of the time spent waiting for help to stay at home.

They could be our grandparents; they could be our parents or sadly they could also be one of 6000 younger people with a disability that are currently in residential aged care. What we want for them is a system that works and provides the best possible care.

Unfortunately, it's clear from the interim Royal Commission report aged care is in crisis.

The Australian Government provides more than 75 per cent of the funding for aged care and is 100 per cent responsible for quality and safeguards. This Government has cut aged care funding by $1.7 billion and as a result services have been capped and resources strangled. Yet some private operators behave like profiteers resulting in substandard food and care for our most vulnerable.

According to the latest population trends, 38.3 per cent of Australian men and 55.4 per cent of women will need support from the aged care system especially residential aged care. Staying there from 2-3 years.

We know that many of the people in aged care especially the fantastic and caring staff are doing a wonderful and difficult job. But as the Royal Commission has highlighted it could be better and after seven years of the Morrison Government it is time that it is of a standard, we expect for our older Australians.