Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley: Proposed industrial relations changes will impact frontline workers

Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP
Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP

For Australia to recover from the COVID recession we need secure jobs and income. We need the confidence to spend that money and stimulate the economy.

Secure employment, fair wages and good conditions are the foundation of a strong economy.

After praising our essential frontline workers during the pandemic, the government is now attacking them. The impact of the government's proposed industrial relations changes will be - workers worse off.

This legislation fails Australian workers too many are already in low paid, insecure employment.

In Werriwa, 23 per cent of the workforce are without paid leave entitlements and 16 per cent identify as a casual worker. 35 per cent of all workers do not have guaranteed hours each week.

Without guaranteed work it is hard to plan a future, buy a home, plan a holiday or just know where the next dollar will come from.

Hospitality workers, nurses and NDIS staff, delivery drivers, posties and factory workers are at the biggest risk. These roles represent one third of employment in Werriwa.

Over 60,000 workers will be worse off. That is 60,000 people who could have pay and conditions stripped away.

Neglecting the problem of insecure work and low wages is one thing, deliberately making these issues worse is inexcusable.

The last time the government cut penalty rates it was retail, fast food, pharmacy and hospitality workers, who were worse off, and the cuts have not delivered a single job.

Australian families deserve better. They deserve protection, good conditions and fair pay.

- Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP