Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley MP: My 2021 wishlist

Werriwa MP Anne Stanley and Liverpool Councillor Nathan Hagarty.
Werriwa MP Anne Stanley and Liverpool Councillor Nathan Hagarty.

As we draw closer to 2021, there is no doubt this year has been difficult for many Australians.

Locally, Werriwa came out battered and bruised, however, our region has managed to achieve significant, community backed, wins.

After a long, hard fought campaign by State Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong and myself, Edmondson Park Station will finally receive a multi-storey car park to cater for the tens of thousands of residents that use the station every day.

My campaign to revise the M12 Motorway plans alongside Liverpool City Councillor Nathan Hagarty received substantial support from the community and I thank everyone who signed the petition that forced the State Government to backflip on their original plans.

Despite these wins, there is still a long list of projects in Werriwa that need to be addressed, fixed and built:

  • The egregious M5 East toll must be scrapped immediately.
  • A lift at Macquarie Fields Station is beyond overdue.
  • Edmondson Park still does not have a public Primary or High School.
  • The small businesses at Hoxton Park Shopping Centre need security before Hoxton Park Road is upgraded, which will effectively cut them off.
  • Connections to Western Sydney Airport, such as the M12 Motorway, South West rail extension and the metro to Macarthur must be started now so our community has the infrastructure it needs when the airport opens.

I look forward to working with you and the rest our community to fight for our fair share in 2021.