Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley MP: JobSeeker changes will have an impact

Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP
Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP

Following the budget and the government's plan to bring forward tax cuts, some Australians will see thousands of dollars a year extra in their pockets.

However, due to the poor design of JobSeeker and JobMaker, many of our most vulnerable will see incomes slashed or lose their jobs.

JobSeeker will fall from $550 to $250 a fortnight. Meaning families trying to meet rent or mortgages, pay bills and buy groceries will be $150 a week worse off.

There is also nothing in place to stop employers from sacking workers over 35 and employing someone younger to qualify for JobMaker.

Recessions always impact the health and wellbeing of a nation, and the most disadvantaged face the harshest challenges.

Research published in a journal of the Association for Psychological Science shows a decline in mental health is still evident several years after the end of a recession. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, panic and drug use increase during downturns.

While withholding support from Australians increases inequality, problems are felt across all levels of society. Domestic violence, imprisonment, drug abuse, infant mortality, and teenage birth rate increase.

Australia was one of the few countries to avoid a recession during the global financial crisis by lifting Australians out of disadvantage, not keeping them there.

Once again, this must be the Government's focus as we recover from the deepest economic downturn in close to a century.