Art creates 'extraordinary environment' at hospital

The spring collection of the Healing Hospital Arts Project is now on display at Liverpool Hospital .

A collaboration between the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) and the South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD), the creating wellbeing environments project is a 12-month pilot exhibition which features rotating artworks from local artists on the walls of the hospital's mental health and children's wards.

The Spring 2020 Collection features 33 artworks from six local artists covering themes of community, imagination and spring warmth and will be on display for three months.

Dallas Rae, who is the Director of Allied Health (Mental Health) for SWSLHD, said: "By bringing the visual arts into the hospital, it has created an extraordinary environment and has transformed the experience of countless patients, visitors and staff."

Miriam Cabello is the Strategic Lead and Curator of the Project.

Miriam Cabello is the Strategic Lead and Curator of the Project.

The project, made possible through a sponsorship by ColourSpace, is being led by CPAC's South Western Sydney Health and Arts Coordinator Miriam Cabello. She said based on the success of the program, the vision is to transform all hospitals in the SWSLHD into similar "wellbeing environments".

"Our aim is to be a leader in providing innovative art and healing programs that address mental health and wellbeing," she said.

SWSLHD Director of Mental Health Dr Claire Jones said the Healing Hospital Arts Project has "brightened up" the community waiting room and corridors.

"Everybody loves it, and I often hear conversations amongst staff and consumers about which are their favourites," Dr Jones said.

"These initiatives make a genuine impact and renews our focus on wellbeing, while also supporting local artists and the local community."

All artworks displayed are for sale, with 75 per cent of all sales going directly back to artists.

Artist Reena Naidu had her work on display during the Winter 2020 exhibition.

"Having gone through hard times in my own life I know what it is like to experience the stress, sadness and trauma that comes through life's challenges and knowing that I can contribute to someone's happiness and uplift them," she said.