Welcoming new businesses to Liverpool

Welcoming new businesses to Liverpool

Council is proud to welcome new businesses to Liverpool and hosts a networking event twice a year to greet those who have opened their doors in the Local Government Area for the first time.

Welcome to Liverpool is a chance for council to bring people together and demonstrate the support programs and collaboration opportunities available to help businesses grow and prosper.

In keeping with the coronavirus restrictions and to ensure everyone is safe, we moved Welcome to Liverpool to an online roundtable format this year.

The first online event was held in June. Council received a great deal of positive feedback from business owners.

We will host our second online event on Tuesday, October 27, during Small Business Month.

I deliver the official welcome at the event and I am always delighted to meet new business owners and to hear about their plans for the future.

Liverpool is a great place to do business, but I know many people are facing challenging times this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Welcome to Liverpool is another way we are reaching out to businesses and giving them the tools to adapt to these changing times, build resilience and withstand future shocks.

We discuss Council's support including financial assistance, grants, rent relief for qualifying small businesses and online workshops.

We also talk about the range of available digital resources including our e-toolkit which is designed to help business expand their online presence.

The toolkit is available at liverpool.nsw.gov.au/getonline. A print edition will be available soon and distributed to local businesses.

Council's Liverpool Local Business Directory lists businesses in a variety of categories and their operating hours.

Businesses can also join our online Liverpool Marketplace to connect with others and establish new partnerships and supply chains.

Our Jobs Portal is designed to link local jobs to local people.