Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley MP: Budget was a 'wasted opportunity'

Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP
Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP

Last week's Federal Budget was another wasted opportunity.

With Western Sydney Airport and the Aerotropolis on the way, it was a chance to recognise our region's role as a catalyst in leading the country out of recession.

Unfortunately, our region has missed out again. The Budget had no plans for reliable, high quality public transport from Liverpool and the Macarthur to Western Sydney Airport when it opens.

Despite the catchy slogans, we saw little in terms of a genuine plan from this government to rebuild our economy.

The economy will rack up a trillion dollars of debt, yet the budget doesn't do anywhere near enough to address unemployment, strengthen our manufacturing base or invest in infrastructure, health and education.

By contrast, Anthony Albanese's budget reply provided a vision grounded in prosperity and fairness.

Unlike the government's budget, the opposition leader provided a plan that creates jobs now, a plan for universal childcare and a plan to power the nation and a plan to rebuild Australian manufacturing.

With a record one million are unemployed with another 400,000 set to join the jobless queue by the end of the year, Australia must emerge from this crisis a better, fairer nation.

Anthony Albanese and Federal Labor have provided the nation with a genuine plan to beat this recession and a vision to build a future where no-one is held back, and no-one is left behind.