Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley MP: Airport needs to be 'properly planned'

Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP
Anne Stanley, Werriwa MP

Recent revelations that the federal government paid $26.7 million dollars, or ten times, more than it needed for land near Badgerys Creek airport are disappointing to say the least.

It is inexplicable why any public official or minister would not ask the necessary questions and perform adequate due diligence to ensure your taxpayer's fund were appropriately spent.

Instead, the Minister responsible at the time, Paul Fletcher, has admitted to not receiving and not seeking key information, while the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, thinks the public will come to see it as a "good decision", a "bargain" and "a very good investment."

According to the independent Auditor-General: "The Department of Infrastructure did not exercise appropriate due diligence in the acquisition of the Leppington Triangle... It became clear that aspects of the department, both during and after the acquisition, fell short of ethical standards."

The airport has the potential to be a boom for our region, but only if it is properly planned, built and the thousands of promised jobs are fulfilled.

South Western Sydney badly needs funding to improve education, health, disability, aged care and mental health services in our region.

We need infrastructure spending to address gridlock, improve public transport and connect Liverpool and the Macarthur to the Airport and aerotropolis.

Every taxpayer dollar overspent on a land acquisition is a dollar that doesn't go to these vital areas.

We need to know why this happened and this latest scandal only strengthens calls for a Federal ICAC.