Meet Chill: the high-tech safety robot

Woolworths' high-tech robot is operating at Carnes Hill.

Woolworths' high-tech robot is operating at Carnes Hill.

The weather might be heating up, but a chill has hit Woolworths Carnes Hill.

A new high-tech safety robot - affectionately known as 'Chill' - can be now be found in the aisles to identify any potential hazards on the shopfloor and alert the team.

Chill will also check stock levels on shelves overnight when the store is closed, and occasionally throughout the day in high-demand areas to make sure all your favourite items are readily available on the shelves.

Safety robots have been trialed in a small number of new Woolworths stores since 2019 and on average the robots are helping detect around 570 potential slip or trip hazards each month. The number of slip and trip incidents reported in these trial stores is around 20 percent lower than the national average.

Woolworths Carnes Hill Store Manager Jason Smith said they "care deeply about the safety" of their customers and team.

"We're excited to have this cutting-edge technology at our store," he said.

"The team has really embraced the initiative and even given the robot a name - 'Chill'.

"We expect there will be a bit of a novelty factor for our customers when they first see 'Chill', but it's designed to operate in busy environments and keep its distance from customers.

"We'll be keen to hear the customer feedback over the coming weeks."