'Council is proactively planning ahead for an ageing population'

Seniors are invited to help plan for an age-friendly Liverpool.
Seniors are invited to help plan for an age-friendly Liverpool.

Liverpool mayor Wendy Waller is calling on seniors aged 55 years and above, their families, friends and care providers to have their say on Liverpool's positive ageing plan and help guide the "future physical and social determinants" of an age friendly Liverpool.

The Liverpool Positive Ageing Action Plan 2021-2024 will support and guide the future growth and development of Liverpool as an age-friendly place to live, work and visit.

Council are calling on feedback to identify the physical, social and economic challenges and opportunities that impact on the health and wellbeing of seniors

"In response to our city's ageing population, Liverpool is a member of the World Health Organisation's Global Network of Age Friendly Cities," Mayor Waller said.

"Council is proactively planning ahead for an ageing population to facilitate the provision of services and infrastructure for an age-friendly city, ensuring seniors remain connected and engaged as active members of our community.

"It is integral for council services to be accessible and inclusive of seniors with varying needs and capacities and the feedback from our seniors is essential in the planning process."

The survey addresses eight areas that will help council better adapt its programs and services to the needs of older people in accordance with WHO age-friendly city guidelines.

These are:

  1. Built environment.
  2. Transport.
  3. Housing.
  4. Social participation.
  5. Respect and social inclusion.
  6. Civic participation and employment.
  7. Communication.
  8. Community support and health services.

"We want Liverpool to be a safe and inclusive place where people can maintain a good quality of life as they age and have access to Council services and the infrastructure they require," Ms Waller said.