Recycle and declutter in time for spring

Polystyrene and cardboard can be disposed of at Councils Community Recycling Centre in Liverpool.
Polystyrene and cardboard can be disposed of at Councils Community Recycling Centre in Liverpool.

Spring is just around the corner and many of you may be thinking that coronavirus restrictions can turn your attention to the home and offer a chance to spruce up and get ready for summer.

Old paint, cardboard, polystyrene and mobile phones are common items that accumulate at home and this waste ends up gathering dust in the garage or getting pushed to the back of the drawer. You can take this unwanted waste to Council's Community Recycling Centre in Liverpool where it will be disposed of, processed and recycled for free.

I'm glad to see Liverpool residents are embracing recycling and protecting the environment.

Last financial year more than 26,200 people visited the centre at 99 Rose Street.

A total of 188 tonnes of cardboard, 137 tonnes of paint and 8.9 tonnes of polystyrene were recycled.

Polystyrene cannot go into your yellow-lid bin at home. It should go into your red general rubbish bin or be taken to the Community Recycling Centre.

I want to reassure you it's safe to visit the centre in these uncertain times because strict social-distancing rules are in place to protect the health and wellbeing of council staff and the community. Before coming to the centre, please make sure the unwanted waste items are safely secured in your vehicle.

Our staff can only accept household quantities of waste so please limit the amount to 20-kilogram, a maximum container size of 20 litres or up to 100 litres of paint. The centre will also accept printer ink cartridges, batteries, fluorescent light globes and tubes, smoke detectors and e-waste including televisions, computers, fax machines and toasters.

When you arrive at the centre, you will see a boom gate has been erected at the entrance to ensure that only one vehicle can access the facility at a time.

This ensures social-distancing rules are always followed. We ask visitors to be patient, stay inside their vehicle and follow the directions of staff who will unload the waste items and dispose of them accordingly.

The centre is open six days a week Monday to Saturday from 7am to 3pm.