Horningsea Park Firefighters rescue adventurous dog from Bardia roof

You often hear about firefighter's rescuing cats from a tree but the crew at Horningsea Park Fire and Rescue station had a very different call on Monday.

Firefighters were called to a home on Ingleburn Gardens Drive, Bardia just after 2pm after receiving reports of a dog stuck on a roof.

Horningsea Park Fire and Rescue station officer Tony Colbran said while he wasn't on the job yesterday he had heard all about it.

"The other station officer told me about it - he said it was the first time in 25 years he had ever been called to rescue a dog from a roof," he said.

"We rescued a cat on a roof today but I have never heard of a dog needing to be rescued from a roof before."

Firefighters believe the clever canine used the wheelie bin and fence like steps to make his way onto the neighbours roof.

The team of four firefighters managed to coax the dog off the roof using a salvage sheet and their very best high-pitched voices

Thankfully, a firefighter that attended the scene happened to be a dog trainer and was able to put his skills to good use as well.

"The dog was pretty passive luckily," Mr Colbran said.

"He didn't give them any trouble and he didn't bark at them so they got him down pretty easy."

The young dog remained calm and was awarded the very prestigious '#1 Good Boy Medal' from firefighters for behaving himself during the rescue.