'Welcome relief': Council staff lend a hand in the Southern Highlands

Liverpool Council staff clear burnt trees and debris in Wingecarribee Shire.
Liverpool Council staff clear burnt trees and debris in Wingecarribee Shire.

Wingecarribee Shire Mayor Duncan Gair said the presence of Liverpool Council workers in the Southern Highlands this week to recover from the devastating bushfires has been a "huge boost in morale."

Crews from council's city presentation department are helping clear burnt trees and debris and replacing guideposts and signage destroyed by bushfire near the village of Balmoral. Staff arrived in Wingecarribbee on Monday and have been focused on improving safety on the main road into Balmoral, where locals are currently "driving blind" at night after the loss of crucial road markings in the fires.

"The assistance we've received from Liverpool City has provided some welcome relief for our own staff and a huge boost in morale for our fire affected residents," mayor Gair said.

"These fires didn't differentiate between council boundaries.

"I thank Mayor Wendy Waller and the staff of Liverpool City Council for this generous offer of assistance that's making a real difference in helping our Shire's bushfire-affected communities move forward."

Ms Waller said council approached Wingecarribee to ask how Liverpool could best help their bushfire recovery operation. A group was quickly assembled comprised of specialists from council's parks, roads and civil teams.

"This summer's bushfires have touched everyone," she said. "Here in Liverpool we have been fortunate to escape major loss of property or lives but we know many areas haven't been so lucky.

"Wingecarribee Shire Council has a massive job to do to recover from these bushfires and we're very happy to be able to assist them.

"It's great to see the enthusiasm and professionalism our staff on the ground in Wingecarribee are bringing to this important work. And our staff back at Liverpool are just very proud that we can help a fellow community at such a difficult time."