LETTERS | A Current Affair follows up our letter

CBA's response to my letter and your questions wasn't a surprise. But thank you for following up.

DARYL KING, reader

The Commonwealth Bank's response to my letter to you about the closure of their Fairfield Heights branch, and the Champion's questions, wasn't a surprise unfortunately. But thank you for your great work following up on it. The story on A Current Affair which came as a response to your coverage was very fair in its treatment.

For myself, closing the branch is not too bad. I'm fit and mostly bank online. But for my parents and the elderly, it's just pathetic.

The other day I drove from Fairfield to Homebush (where I now live) and on to Cabarita pools for a swim. I drove past Fairfield Heights Primary School where I used to attend and the fields and open spaces where my mates and I used to run and play footy and cricket and they're now all just buildings.

There are many more students but way less area for the kids to be kids.

Then I drive through The Heights where the CBA will soon close and on towards Fairfield where there used to be an ambulance station. I veer off to Smithfield RSL where there used to be bowling greens and snooker tables (at least the club is still open) and on to Homebush where there's an abandoned bowling club and past Concord West RSL that's closed. Progress! Mind you, all the frustrated motorists were enjoying the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Daryl King, Homebush

EDITOR RESPONDS: Last Friday, Channel Nine's A Current Affair followed up Daryl's letter which we'd published last Wednesday. View their story on 9Now (needs login) or on YouTube. Search for: "Locals furious over bank's decision to close busy branch."