CHAMPION COLUMN | Who's responsible for human rights?

COLUMNIST: Beth Godwin, principal of Cabramatta High School.
COLUMNIST: Beth Godwin, principal of Cabramatta High School.

The simplistic answer to this question is that we're all responsible for ensuring human rights locally and globally. If we believe this then we can't sit back and expect others to educate, stand up for others and take action. We should all play our part.

The White Ribbon campaign is an example of those willing to actively promote the safety of all people in domestic relationships. It's a time to focus on stopping domestic violence. It's a campaign that encourages people to speak up and get help if they're in a position of domestic violence.

Opening our eyes to White Ribbon, #Me Too and Remembrance Day can be a beginning of change.

BETH GODWIN, principal, Cabramatta High

This campaign has seen schools, police and the community work side by side to publicly take a stand. There will be a community event, the Cabramatta Walk Against Domestic Violence on November 20, beginning at Cabra-Vale Park at 10am. I'm proud to report that all of our year 9 students will join this.

The #MeToo movement is currently in Australia and representatives are guests of honour at Cabramatta High School Peace Day. Other schools and youth will join #MeToo in a conversation about exposing sexual abuse and harassment. It's not an easy conversation to have. It's the type of abuse often kept silent. Having a voice and support for survivors will be a topic of discussion. Many community organisations have helped create this event.

The themes of Peace Day are Speak Out; Connect and Heal. The #MeToo movement will feature in the media and high-profile events in Australia over a week-long period.

Remembrance Day on November 11 has seen schools and the wider community pause to commemorate the end of a global conflict. It's also an opportunity to pay respect to those men and women who fought for the human rights of others.

Opening our eyes to White Ribbon, #Me Too and Remembrance Day is a beginning of change.

Beth Godwin is the principal of Cabramatta High School