CHAMPION COLUMN | Walking on sunshine

OK, walking to work may be difficult if you commute a long way by car or public transport to get to work. But you can always get off the bus a stop earlier or park a little further away. Why not walk to work a little bit every work day?

The benefits of walking are well known. Sure, finding time and motivation can mean we find reasons not to start. In Western Sydney, our backyard is full of natural resources and constructed walking paths that pave the way toward better health.

Western Sydney Parklands is a huge green space in our backyards and it's free.


Your neighbourhood has some of Sydney's Green Grid -- a network of parks, reserves and playgrounds across greater Sydney. The NSW Government has identified green space as a key element in making places more pleasant. Preserving and extending the Green Grid is an important part of state- and local-government policy and planning.

Green space brings many benefits, including cooler suburbs, room to walk or run, and trees, which have been shown to improve general health and wellbeing. In our busy lives, fitting in a walk could mean a huge difference in reducing health risks such as type 2 diabetes, poor circulation and heart disease. Keeping active is a great way to reduce isolation.

Western Sydney Parklands is an enormous stretch of green space which extends across Blacktown, Fairfield and Liverpool council areas, covering 5280 hectares, with more than 60km of tracks and trails. It's a wonderful recreational resource right in our backyards and it's free.


President, WSROC