POLICE ROUNDS | Takes car key and car, motorcycle charges, phone-user's excuse

Generic image. Picture: NSW Police
Generic image. Picture: NSW Police

During the evening of October 25, a man had been at a home on Polding Street at Fairfield with a group of people with the consent and knowledge of the owner.

During the evening he allegedly took the car key from inside the house and then took the car, a Holden Astra.

Contact was not able to be made with him in the following days and the car was reported stolen.

At 1.30pm on October 28, police spotted the car on Cardwell Street at CanleyVale, parked and unattended. While police were waiting for a tow-truck, they saw the man drive past in another car.

They stopped him and the stolen car key was found.

The Canley Vale man, 29, was charged with stealing property in a home and taking and driving a car without permission.

Bail was initially refused but later granted at court. He's due in Fairfield court on December 10.

Charges over a motorcycle

As a result of many calls to police in regards to the manner of riding of a motorcycle on Cathcart Street at Fairfield, police attended a home on the street and ultimately arrested a man, 35. They found an allegedly stolen motorcycle which now had a damaged ignition.

The Fairfield man, 35, was charged with taking and driving the motorcycle without permission from the owner, driving with a suspended licence and damaging property. Bail was refused. He's due in Fairfield court this Saturday, November 9.

Phone fine but he's 'experienced'

A FairfieldWest man, 65, was seen by police holding a phone to his ear while driving on Hamilton Road at FairfieldHeights at 9am on October 27.

When stopped and asked for a reason, he said: "It's OK, I'm a very experienced driver." The driver was issued a fine for $344 and will lose 5 demerit points.

Boys charged with robbing boy

An EdensorPark boy, 13, and a BossleyPark boy, 14, were charged on October 29 with the robbery of a boy, 14, the day before of property at a shopping centre at GreenfieldPark. Both boys were charged with robbery in company and were given conditional bail to be in Parramatta children's court on November 18.