Sense of community grows as locals get active


OUTDOOR FITNESS: Nathan Pickering and some of his Casula wellbeing camp participants.

OUTDOOR FITNESS: Nathan Pickering and some of his Casula wellbeing camp participants.

Live Life Get Active is committed to creating healthier and happier communities by offering free group exercise classes at more than 100 locations around the country.

Medibank is proud to be its National Health and Wellbeing partner, providing education and resources to support participants on their path to better health.

In the suburb of Casula, there's a health, fitness and wellbeing camp that runs Monday to Friday all year (with the exception of school holidays). It's called Live Life Get Active.

There's no screaming boot camp instructor, no sweaty towels left out on weight machines, and no gym fees.

It's the new way communities across Australia are getting healthy, happy and active, and Casula is no different.

Four times per week, Nathan Pickering leads his local camp in cross-training and boxing sessions that gets local members' blood pumping and love for fitness growing.

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The free, 45-minute outdoor classes are a great way to work out that many of his committed members have never enjoyed before, and for a trainer like Nathan, the results are just as positive (if not more) than paid fitness classes.

"I've seen so many changes, both physically and mentally, with all of the participants," he said.

"If their mood isn't the best when they arrive they certainly leave feeling happy and recharged." The structure of the sessions sees everyone cared for and trained at an appropriate level. Adults of varying ages and abilities come to train without reservation about seeing themselves as a "beginner".

"I see people push themselves to limits they never thought possible, such as their first push-up, to a correct squat," Nathan says.

Arguably the most important point of the Live Life Get Active camps is their sense of community, and more and more neighbours are finding their new mates in the outdoors, with a bit of sweat, a lot of laughs, and a Live Life Get Active family.

And the results? Nathan is proud to see them occur right in front of his eyes.

"People have attended my sessions and they've known nothing about fitness before," he said. "Now, they have an understanding of what they can achieve."

Medibank Live Better supports free, active and social activities like Live Life Get Active to help more Australian's on their path to better health. Search Live Better free activities to find an event near you.