Water playground is back in a Bigge way

Bigge Park's water playground is back in action - and it will soon be accompanied by a new amenities building.

The water play area reopened to the public on Saturday with the amenities building to open on October 19.

The amenities building features automated accessible toilets, male and female toilets, family change rooms and individual changing stalls.

Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said the Bigge Park water play area has quickly become a Liverpool favourite since opening in 2017.

"We know the families who go there just love it. This upgrade is about making it even easier for everyone to come and enjoy the water play park," she said.

"Whether it's parents wrestling to get wet children into dry clothes or wheelchair users looking for an accessible toilet, the new amenities building will help make the water play park an experience open to everyone."

Council is also working on tenders for new operators of the café buildings at the north and south ends of Bigge Park.