MOOREBANK FIRE | Mayor thanks emergency services for Moorebank response

Firefighters trying to put out a factory fire in Moorebank industrial area on Tuesday last week were hampered by a tank of lavender oil that had caught fire and spilt onto nearby grass.

The fire broke out at Baker & Co on Yulong Close, with the blaze's intensity, explosions and dense smoke prompting the evacuation of more than 100 people from 40 nearby homes, including on nearby Collie Crescent which backs onto the site, and another 200 from nearby businesses.

The blaze began just before 2pm, causing intense heat and explosions. It burnt for just over a day. Crews remained on site on Wednesday after a wall collapsed on a large tank of lavender oil which was burning and producing potentially hazardous gases.

The fire's cause is unclear.

Fire & Rescue's RobJansen said a dam had been built to contain the run-off oil and other substances, some of which made its way to the Georges River. Suction trucks were being used to remove the run-off at the dam and the river.

He said the blaze had been reduced but fire was burning under collapsed walls.

A structural engineer was on-site and Fire & Rescue officers were planning to knock down walls in danger of collapsing and to get access to burning material.

Liverpool mayor WendyWaller has thanked emergency services for their responses to the fire.

She said the council quickly initiated its emergency-response plan, preparing the Chipping Norton Boatshed to potentially shelter up to 50 residents who could not return home that night.

"A handful of people dropped in but left by about 8pm after they found somewhere to stay overnight," she said. "It's pleasing that everyone found accommodation."

The regional emergency-management officer asked that the council's depot on Rose Street at Liverpool be prepared as a local control centre for emergency services. It wasn't needed.

The council's staff helped emergency-services staff day and night with traffic control and delivery of materials.

The EPA is advising on potential pollution effects.