AFRICAN COMMUNITY | Cultural and dinner evening this Saturday at Liverpool Catholic Club

The African Cultural & Dinner Night planning committee is inviting everybody to the ninth African cultural event this Saturday, August 24, at Liverpool Catholic Club at Prestons.

This year's entertainment is bigger than ever, with one of the emerging afro beat singers, Martinsfeelz (Oloawole Martins) from Nigeria who will perform live.

Brazilian and a variety of African cultural performances will entertain the evening's audience.

The event will be colourful, interactive and most enjoyable for everyone, with prizes for guests who are best-dressed male/female and non-African in traditional African dress.

"This august event offers African Australians and other Australians a platform to network, bond, belong to a larger multicultural community network, witness and participate in a very lively social evening and celebrate our African- Australian cultural identity," committee chairman KelvinOzurumba said.

SilasMoneke, IGBO Community Australia President, said this year's theme is "Promoting African Australian Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses."

He said this inspired the committee to reach out to Australians of African descent with innovative business ideas and operators of small businesses to share their stories and highlight their achievements and potential.

The goal is to boost entrepreneurial potential and encourage more African Australians to pursue their business visions.

The new president of the Ugandan Association of NSW, Rehema Talaka, said: "This year's event will feature talented African performers and other exciting entertainers and will attract African Australians from across Australia. I invite all Australians to participate at this important multicultural event at the Liverpool Catholic Club."

KamalleDabboussy, chief executive of Western Sydney MRC, said the night has been organised to break down social and cultural isolation of new and emerging African communities, build community networks, promote a sense of cultural identity and create opportunities for emerging African artists.

Special guests on the night include Minister for Multiculturalism and Sports JohnSidoti, state opposition leader JodiMcKay, African countries' high commissioners to Australia, NGO leaders and community leaders.