NEW PARKING METERS | Pay-by-Plate parking being installed at Liverpool

Liverpool Council is rolling out Pay-by-Plate parking in the Liverpool CBD.

Pay-by-Plate parking means tickets will no longer be issued at parking meters.

Instead, drivers must enter their car number-plate into the meter and then pay by either cash or credit card.

Parking meters are being progressively updated throughout the CBD.

The update process begins today, Monday, August 19, and will be completed by August 31.

"Pay-by-Plate parking allows drivers to park their car, pay at the meter and then go on their way," Liverpool mayor WendyWaller said.

"There's no need to return to their car to display a ticket.

"It's not just a win for drivers -- not having to print tickets will help the council save money while also being better for the environment."

Drivers will still be able to take advantage of 15 minutes of free parking in the CBD but will have to enter their number-plate into parking meters to do so.

One session of 15 minutes free parking will be available per day.

Pay-by-Plate is the latest in a series of measures by the council to improve parking in the CBD.

The council recently added 106 parking spaces at Woodward Park, with a further 120 to be delivered by the end of the year.

The council is also exploring options for multi-storey car parks at Collimore Park and Bathurst Street.