EMERGENCY SERVICES | Teenaged motorcyclist freed after being pinned under semi-trailer at Eastern Creek

A young man, 18, has been taken to hospital in a stable condition after he was injured when his motorcycle collided with a truck at EasternCreek this afternoon.

He was pinned under the semi-trailer for more than 30 minutes before being freed by emergency service crews.

CareFlight's rapid-response rescue helicopter was sent to help shortly after 3pm, landing in a car park beside the scene.

CareFlight's specialist doctor and critical-care paramedic worked with ambulance paramedics who were providing initial treatment for the trapped man.

Fire & Rescue crews used hydraulic equipment to safely lift the truck off the trapped man.

Police were also at the scene to help.

The young man was taken to hospital by road under the care of the CareFlight doctor and ambulance paramedics.