HOLY SPIRIT CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL | Kids mark their first 100 days of learning

A fun day we had on July 3 with our 100 Days of Learning for this year's kindergarten pupils. The kindy kids celebrated their 100th day of learning at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School and dressed up as if they were 100 years old.

The day began with a fashion parade and the kids creating pictures of themselves to predict what they might look like when they're 100. The rest of the day had fun activities on the theme of 100, including in literacy, numeracy and sport.

The kindy pupils have worked very hard over the past 100 days. Their teachers are very proud of them.

Some pupils commented:

Sophia, of Kinder Red: "My favourite part of the day was throwing the 100 blocks in the tubs because I can count to 100."

Alyvia, of Kinder Blue: "I like that the teachers made this fun day for us because we've been at school for 100 days."

Giselle, of Kinder White: "I liked when we got to do lots of activities that had the number 100. We got to do a 100-piece puzzle, build a big tower with 100 cups and even lick a lollipop 100 times -- which was my favourite!"

The kindy teachers thoroughly enjoyed the day and are so proud of the achievement of their pupils this year and their engagement with learning and enjoyment of school. The principal is, too!

Our three kindy teachers JessicaNasso, IsabellaPietrantonio and AngelaSantaguida gave us their perspective:

"Over their first 100 days of big school at Holy Spirit School our kindergarten pupils have grown immensely -- academically and socially. They've gained confidence to be engaged and successful learners and to create peer friendship groups that, hopefully, will be long-lasting.

"At Holy Spirit we believe deep learning occurs best when coupled with relationships based on trust, respect, encouragement and a shared commitment. Staff, families and the parish have worked together to promote our pupils to grow as strong, capable, young individuals -- certainly evident over the past 100 days!

"When asking the pupils what they've learnt in their 100 days at school they were keen to tell us that they've started to learn to read, write, count to 30, be a good friend and listen to the teacher.

"The pupils in kindergarten have a great understanding about why it's important to come to school and learn, as optimum learning occurs when the pupils understand the learning process and know about themselves as learners.

"The 100 days celebration was a way for us and other staff at Holy Spirit to acknowledge and celebrate a milestone in our pupils' educational journey. The day had fun, engaging, educational activities to reward the pupils for being 100 days smarter.

"Throughout the day the pupils participated in small-group experiences demonstrating how they work in teams by listening and responding to one another and how to solve problem. We were amazed at how well they collaborated with one another to take on each fun learning task.

"Parents have been a great support to their children. They acknowledged the teachers' commitment and hard work and how proud they are of their children's achievements over 100 days.

"Pupils, staff and parents at Holy Spirit School can hardly wait to see the achievements of our kindy pupils in the next 100 days!"


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