OUR SCHOOLS | Korean High School visits Marsden Road Public School

On Monday, July 1, pupils of Marsden Road Public School had a fabulous cultural experience!

They were treated to an amazing display of traditional Korean music and dance.

This was a visit by 32 year 11 students from Gugak National High School in Seoul, South Korea, to Marsden Road Public to showcase their talent.

The pupils and staff were absolutely blown away by the instruments and the sounds -- the drumming and the percussion were out of this world.

The grace and precision of the dancers was spellbinding as they seemed to simply float over the dance floor.

We were all absolutely blown away. The drumming and percussion were out of this world. The grace and precision of the dancers was spellbinding as they floated over the floor.

MANISHA GAZULA, Principal, Marsden Road Public School

It was a cultural experience of a special kind.

The high-school students enjoyed performing for the primary-school pupils just as much as the younger pupils enjoyed the special concert.

The Korean students interacted with the primary pupils, giving them some tips and an opportunity to play some of their unique instruments they brought from Korea.

Some pupils also received Korean souvenirs from the visitors.

Later the visitors enjoyed a hearty Aussie barbecue.

It was the sort of cultural exchange that truly builds bridges between countries and strengthens our own understanding of the world.

Marsden Road Public offers Korean as a foreign language, the only primary school in the Liverpool and Fairfield region to do so.

We have also established ties with another primary school in South Korea.

Pupils from South Korea have visited Marsden Road Public and vice versa, pupils from Marsden Road Public have visited South Korea.

The program has helped pupils develop a better understanding of how cultures can be different and yet values, such as kindness and generosity, are universal.

The Korean Education Centre funds the foreign-language program and it was through the centre that Gugak National High was able to visit Marsden Road Public.

  • Manisha Gazula is the principal of Marsden Road Public School.

03/07/19: Breakout quote amended