NEPALESE COMMUNITY | The council and police respond to Edmondson Park concerns

The members of a residents' group representing the Nepalese community at Edmondson Park and Bardia have concerns which they believe affect everyone at Edmondson Park and for which they're seeking urgent action. Many of the matters relate to community safety and security. The Champion asked the council and, where relevant, also the police to respond to the list of grievances. "We're more than happy to work together to solve these problems to improve our community," the Nepalese community group said.


Bishnu Ghimire, President, Edmondson Park-Bardia Nepalese Community Group:

Park and sporting amenities: "Amenities for older kids are inadequate. There is no toilet, no bubbler for drinking water and no lights in the barbecue area. We ask the council to start work on the proposed park, sports fields and library as soon as possible."

Street maintenance: "On Ardennes Avenue, there's street light and pavement on one side only, inconveniencing pedestrians especially at night. A crossing is needed on Buchan Avenue for St Francis CatholicSchool pupils. There are no speed signs on most roads. There are no pavements on roads where houses haven't been built. Roads are dirty and grass is overgrown and very tall."

Street plants: "There's been no action on requests to plant trees. Some plants have been on the waiting list for more than six months. It's important to maintain greenery and local climate control, especially in summer."

School: "Can the council lobby the state government to build Edmondson Park Public School as soon as possible because the community is growing very fast? Our school catchment is Prestons Public School which is usually a 15-minute drive but about a 30-minute drive during school pick-up and drop-off times. Bardia Public School is comparatively closer. Can Bardia Public School include Edmondson Park in its catchment area in the interim until the proposed Edmondson Park Public School is ready?"

Buchan Avenue station access: "Extending Buchan Avenue to Edmondson Park station hasn't begun. If it's to be delayed further, could we have a walking path to the station? This would reduce walking time from 45 minutes to 10 minutes. Many residents then wouldn't need to drive to the station which would also alleviate the station-parking problem."

Edmondson Park station: "As promised by the NSW premier, can the council lobby the state government to speed up the provision of multi-storey car-parking at Edmondson Park station?"

Security: "Vandalism, theft and robbery are rising. Also street racing, car drags and tyre-burning are very common. Can the council work with the police to provide more frequent police patrols in the area?"

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The council will meet with the Edmondson Park-Bardia Nepalese Community Group as soon as possible to better understand residents' concerns and discuss how we can address our common concerns.


Council response

The council's chief executive, Kiersten Fishburn:

The council has heard the concerns of residents of the new suburb of EdmondsonPark and will do what it can to address them.

This includes continuing to lobby NSW Government agencies over matters such as building car-parking at the station, a new public school and issues of safety and security.

The fact that the suburb is being built by different developers makes the co-ordination of the new infrastructure a major challenge. The council can't begin work until the developers transfer the land into the council's control.

In this financial year the council is working to design and build two new parks:

  1. Stage 1 of Trail Park, with inclusive children's play area, boardwalks, trail walks, bike tracks and toilets; and
  2. Stage 1 of 95 Croatia Avenue, with inclusive children's play area, walkways and shared ways, vegetation and landscape, lighting, picnic tables and seating benches, toilets and a play feature.

Liverpool Council's Pedestrian, Active Transport & Traffic Committee has approved building three pedestrian crossings facing St Francis Catholic School and the school is expected to install these. Speed limits in residential streets are set at 50km/h, with Roads & Maritime Services responsible for signs.

The Buchan Avenue extension has been approved and the council has asked Landcom for temporary footpath access before the final street extension is built.

The council held a community forum on Edmondson Park and Middleton Grange in May and ran a consultation session on recreation spaces at Edmondson Park on June 1.

The council will meet with the Edmondson Park-Bardia Nepalese Community Group as soon as possible to better understand residents' concerns and discuss how we can address our common concerns.

Police response

Crime Manager, Detective Chief Inspector Dean Johnstone:

As Edmondson Park is a growth area, the Liverpool command patrols regularly to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. This includes members of the proactive unit and the proactive investigations unit. The Liverpool command encourages the community to work with police and to contact police when these incidents are occurring; thereby we police in conjunction with the community. There are no records of robbery offences, as such, in the Edmondson Park area. The references are possibly to break-and-enter and stealing from cars offences. Regarding this, police encourage residents to work with each other in ensuring protection of each others' property. If residents go away, ensure neighbours collect their mail and papers, put out their bins for collection and park on the property. In relation to stealing from cars, don't leave valuables in cars, where possible park in garages or at least on the driveway beyond the property line. If residents have security cameras, tell the neighbours and help police investigations by providing video if there's an incident.