Driver beats the blues on the track

David Dalrymple knows more than most there is a time and place to feel the need for speed.

And suburban streets are not that place. It's why the amateur race car driver is taking part in the Beat the Blue charity event at Sydney Motorsport Park on September 7.

The event, which is hosted by Driving Solutions and Royal Purple Australia, will see NSW Police highway patrol officers race against car lovers on parallel courses at the circuit's skid pan. All proceeds will go to NSW Police Legacy.

"The police are not the bad guys. They just don't want people driving like hoons on the road," he said.

The Casula resident will be driving his prized R32 GTR for the event which he has had for six years.

Described as a "special" vehicle, the 37-year-old has made several modifications including a new motor and turbo during several hours of "blood, sweat and tears" trying to make the car go faster.

His grand final is the annual World Time Attack Challenge. In 2016, he missed out on third place by 0.03 seconds. Such is the world of racing, the last couple of years the car has got faster but he has inevitabley ran into some problems.

When asked what he thinks about when he is behind the wheel, he said: "I just want to keep pushing and go faster."

But sometimes, all thoughts go out the window.

"I have been fortunate to not be in any major accidents. But when I was racing go-karts I was going 170km/h down the straight and I had no breaks. I was just lucky I stopped just before the barrier. In that moment, everything went in slow motion," he said.