Horoscopes: week beginning June 30

Horoscopes: week beginning June 30

ARIES: Wednesday's solar eclipse in Cancer focuses the discordant energies within the home, pushing towards a path of resolution as well as calling for changes to be made. Whether it is love you seek or the thrill of the game of chance, these seven weeks from July 2 present opportunity. Life is exceptionally good on July 24-27.

TAURUS: The solar eclipse on Wednesday will bring an end to a sequence of events and the birth of a new agenda and ideas associated with domestic arrangements. Hidden problems with either property or at home are likely to emerge in the coming seven weeks, especially on July 7-13. Deal with problems fairly and swiftly.

GEMINI: The stellar indications are for changes to income in association with Wednesday's solar eclipse in Cancer. This is not easy to manage, but a new beginning is indicated. You must be careful that your tongue doesn't sound like a whip cracking in the time up until August 18, as you strive to put your ambitious plans into place. Best days are July 24-27.

CANCER: Wednesday's solar eclipse is indicative of change in Cancerian lives, most likely as you feel dissatisfied with some personal aspect of your life. You want to overhaul your image. Your income levels will be boosted in the seven weeks between July 2 and August 18, enabling you to spend more too. These trends are triggered on July 7-13, July 24-27.

LEO: A release of past difficulties is indicated with Wednesday's solar eclipse in Cancer, whether this is from a psychological standpoint, with a physical problem or just a general concern. Until August 18, there will be ample opportunity to further your dreams and desires, especially on July 24-27. Remember to temper your aggressive urge with patience and consideration.

VIRGO: Following Wednesday's solar eclipse in Cancer, Virgo will be looking towards new goals as old ones are either accomplished or relinquished. Changes in your social circle are brewing too. For the seven weeks from July 2, you need to be content with exploring the needs of others. This isn't so hard to do as you are very conscious about doing the right thing by others.

LIBRA: Libra will be taking a close look at where they are heading in life, as a parent, employer or some authority figure acts as an agent of change. Good will come of this. Life will be quite hectic in the time up between July 2 and August 18, with the busiest days being quite difficult to manage. You are able to put many of your ambitions into focus.

SCORPIO: Heralded by Wednesday's solar eclipse, there is a very important lesson in store for Scorpio at the moment, making redundant previously held ideas and beliefs. You seem to be making a statement to the world about yourself and your capabilities in the seven weeks between July 2 and August 18, especially on July 24-27

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians will experience a change in their lives due to the mutating position of another party: the focus of change is money or values. These events are associated with the current solar eclipse. The seven weeks from July 2 should be an excellent time for your children, particularly academically. Some Sagittarians will choose to travel overseas or expand their recreational activities then.

CAPRICORN: Partnerships are in a state of disarray as new conditions come into force in association with Wednesday's solar eclipse. A cessation of responsibilities or working arrangement is likely. The emphasis until August 18 is on financial management, particularly to do with property or the domestic budget. Loans and insurance need particular attention.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians will be clearing the deck for new work and working conditions: all of this being associated with Wednesday's solar eclipse. Positive developments emerge from these changes. The period until August 18 will be one that tests your tact and patience. It seems as if, sometimes, others go out of their way to cause aggravation, particularly on July 7-13.

PISCES: Important changes affecting Piscean relationships come into force, being indicated by July 3's solar eclipse. For some the relationship is with a child; for others, it's romantic. These seven weeks from July 2 are likely to expand your income levels through work opportunities, with the best opportunities falling on July 24-27

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