Tommy Browne wins to retain world title belt: Photos

Tommy Browne was battered and bleeding but never broken on Saturday night.

The Bradbury boxer defeated Argentinian fighter Jorge Daniel Miranda in an epic 12-round bout at Club Menangle.

Browne aimed to defend his World Boxing Foundation (WBF) super welterweight title belt, which he secured by defeating Ghana's Ebenezer Lampty last August at K-Ranch Arena.

Browne, 36, told the Advertiser that he was proud to retain the WBF belt in front of his home crowd at Club Menangle.

"He [Miranda] was a very tough and experienced fighter," he said.

"But he was not a busy fighter and he did not throw a lot of punches. I was able to push him off and use my [quick] hand speed.

"I haven't fought for 12 rounds [in a fight] since 2007, but I felt like I only lost one round on Saturday night.

"Afterwards, I felt very confident that I would be declared the winner."

However, not everything went to plan for the Macarthur boxer.

Browne said he took a "good shot" to the mouth from Miranda, which caused a lot of bleeding.

"I was bleeding in my mouth midway through the fight, it caused a bad cut," he said.

"We tried to stop the bleeding and I could feel blood down the back of my throat.

"We were eventually able to stem the bleeding."

Browne got ready for the fight with an intense four-week training camp at WestSide Boxing Gym in Leppington, under the guidance of trainer Tommy Mercurie.

"That training definitely helped me prepare properly for this fight," he said.

Browne told the Advertiser last year that he planned to make a permanent move to America because combat sports were the "pinnacle events in the US".

Browne said his manager was based in Houston but had flown over to Australia to watch Saturday night's bout.

Browne said he would sit down for a chat with his manager to discuss his next career move.

Tommy Browne is officially declared the winner. Picture: Brett Atkins

Tommy Browne is officially declared the winner. Picture: Brett Atkins