EMPLOYMENT | Jobs going at The Paper Mill

There are jobs going now, especially for locals, at The Paper Mill dining precinct.

The dining section will complete the lifestyle element of Coronation Property's residential development on the Georges River at Liverpool, on the historic site of the old paper mill.

The food-and-beverage quarter is key to the vision of Coronation's managing director JosephNahas, that The Paper Mill precinct would provide world-class design, lush landscaping and a vibrant riverfront lifestyle that residents can enjoy with friends and family.

"I think people want to live in a good place, with great amenities and a real sense of community -- somewhere they can be proud of," said Mr Nahas, who was born not far away at Merrylands.

Jason Chow is general manager of The Paper Mill food-and-beverage quarter and he answered our questions about jobs currently going. He worked for 12 years as a manager for celebrity chef MattMoran and is keen to work closer to home on this new project. He's looking to hire locals for the dining precinct, and sooner rather than later.

When are you looking to start hiring? How many staff are you looking for initially, in what fields?

We've already started hiring managers and more are being interviewed. We expect to have about 40 to 50 front-of-house staff and 25 to 35 back-of-house staff.

What are you looking for in prospective staff?

We want people who are naturally warm, who have a solid work ethic and the best intentions for our guests. Ideally, we're seeking locals but we won't discount anyone outside the South-West, either.

What sort of people do you want them to be?

We're looking for people who want the best for our guests, those who are trustworthy and who want to be team players.

What sort of experience, if any, do you want them to have?

Any hospitality experience is always preferred but someone who has the ability to make all our guests feel welcome -- whether at Charcoal Joe's, The Firepit, Georgie's Bar or Shepherd's Lane Cafè -- and who has a great work ethic could be part of our team.

And qualifications?

We have some excellent trained talent in the kitchen but we still need hard-working line staff to help meet the demand we're expecting among all four of our offerings, as well as casual staff for our beautiful events spaces.

Tell us about the project at The Paper Mill -- a snapshot of what's going up there?

It's the final part of the lifestyle component in the neighbouring Paper Mill residential development on the Georges River and we're looking forward to sharing it with all of Sydney. We're just putting the final touches to the interiors. The kitchen is almost finished, our chefs are tweaking the menu and we're getting excited about the launch.

What's the timeline of opening to the public, from first opening of doors to being fully operational?

If you come by in mid-July, the doors will be open and we'll be ready to welcome you in. But if you want to book an event, give us a call.

You'll lead the front-of-house team -- what specifically does that involve?

From a service point of view, I'm ultimately there to support my team in the day-to-day operations, making sure what we do for them meets our guests' expectations and ensuring their comfort through the right service in the different spaces.

Ultimately, how many staff will you manage? In what departments?

We expect to employ 70 to 80 in total.

Tell us something about yourself and your links to the area.

I'm a dad and I live with my wife and daughter in western Sydney.

Your own management experience?

I have 15 years' experience in management and I've worked the past 12 for Matt Moran at Chiswick and Aria. I'm looking forward to working closer to home at a venue the area has been crying out for.

What sort of a leader are you?

I consider myself an approachable manager who loves to engage with both guests and staff at all levels.

How did you get this position?

I was hired after a referral through a friend of mine.

How do people apply to work for you at The Paper Mill?

We already have positions advertised on Seek but any potential candidates can also contact me directly at jase.chow8@gmail.com or 0402 138 321 or write me at The Paper Mill Precinct, 20 Shepherd Street, Liverpool, NSW 2170.

27/05/19: Jason's contact details updated