POLICE | Two men wanted to help with Westfield store-robbery investigation, a man held up with a machete for his shoes and other police news

At 8.45am on May 16, two men entered Westfield shopping centre at Liverpool. They forced open a phone store roller-door and went in. Several phones were taken. Police seek your help to find the men, described as (a) in his early 30s, medium build, Caucasian appearance, receding short black hair and some face hair, grey hooded jumper with white motif with "Hunters" in white, grey Puma trackpants, black shoes with maroon laces and swaggering and (b) in his mid to late 30s, Caucasian appearance, thin, with dark brown hair, medium on top, short back and sides, dark sunglasses, dark hooded jumper with "InSport" in white, blue knee-length shorts with two white side stripes and black joggers with white soles.

  • Any information to the Liverpool proactive investigations team, 9607 1799.

Machete hold-up . . . for shoes

About 9.30pm on May 12, a man, 19, walking on Scottsdale Circuit at WestHoxton was approached by a white Yaris with a faded red P-plate and only one headlight working. The driver slowed but kept going. Soon after, the young man was walking on Swansea Place at West Hoxton when the same car approached. A man, described as an obese Pacific Islander with an accent, 170cm to 175cm tall, with bushy eyebrows and in a black hoodie, navy blue/black trackpants with a scarf hiding his face, approached the young man with a machete about 35cm to 40cm long. He demanded the young man's shoes. Fearing injury, he complied. The offender got back into the Yaris and drove away.

  • Any information that might help identify the shoe thief to Liverpool detectives.

Audi at 132km/h in 50km/h zone

About 11.50am on May 13, Liverpool highway patrol was at Strzlecki Drive at CarnesHill enforcing speed in a residential 50km/h zone. They clocked an Audi at 98km/h which then sped up to 132km/h. It passed a woman pushing a pram.

Police caught the driver, a Rossmore man, 22, near John Edmondson High. He was given a court-attendance notice to be in Liverpool court on June 12. His license was immediately suspended. There was a female passenger in the car at the time.