BALMORAL BURN | Lauren and Ray go on the run

Lauren Channon, 11, of Casula, and TV veteran RayMartin are running together in the parent-and-child category of the Balmoral Burn charity run this Sunday, May 26, to aid the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. It's the first run for them both.

Ray is the media patron of the foundation, whose members include many medical professionals, which raises funds each year for targeted medical equipment for children's wards around the country. Hospitals have to apply to be beneficiaries and equipment is provided on a case-by-case basis.

Junior patron Lauren has convinced "Uncle Ray" to do the run for the first time in its 19-year history. Though they're not related, they'll be honorary participants in the parent-and-child category.

Lauren has had 130 operations, the first at 3, involving 100 hospital admissions, some up to four months. She was born with the digestive disorders tracheoesophageal fistula and esophageal atreisa.In July she has her 131st operation, hopefully the last.

What does the Balmoral Burn mean to her? Thousands of people from the Humpty Dumpty family make it all the way up that hill at Balmoral so kids like me can get better. I get emotional at the event because I know all those people have helped me and thousands of kids in hospitals around the country. The money they've raised buys equipment that helps keep us alive!

How does she feel doing the run for the first time with Ray Martin? It means so much that I'm well enough to try to make it to the top of the hill for the first time and that Uncle Ray will be doing it for his first time with me. I hope together we can bring awareness of this incredible community event and raise money for equipment that will save the lives of babies and kids around Australia.

How important is the run to kids in hospital? When I'm in hospital I see the Humpty stickers on the equipment I'm connected to. Through the Balmoral Burn hundreds of pieces of life-saving equipment are donated to hospitals. On the day of the Burn, there are going to be desperately sick babies and children in hospitals being given the best chance of surviving because they're connected to equipment donated by Humpty.

How can people support you? Please consider joining Uncle Ray and I as we make our way up the Balmoral Burn. If you can't join us but would like to donate please head to and donate to Lauren's Team. My goal is to raise at least $13,000 -- $100 for each of my 130 operations. I especially want to donate equipment to the hospitals that kept me alive.