'INVESTING IN WOMEN' | Grants open for projects to empower women

She can achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of the concepts of leadership.

She can pursue leadership goals.

She can inspire other young women within the community.

She can . . . and now you can with applications now open for projects that empower women and improve their wellbeing able to share $400,000 from the state government.

To advance the status of women we all need to work together. Progress in gender equality is everybody's responsibility.

BRONWYN TAYLOR, Minister for Women

Minister for Women BronwynTaylor was at CORE Community Services' graduation for the She Can program, a project funded last year that targeted new migrants and refugee women 18 to 25. It aligned students to mentors to guide them in leadership, social and workplace skills and to build a social network with like-minded women and businesses.

"Congratulations to all graduates -- it's not always easy as women to do things for ourselves and my hope is you've not only learnt lifelong skills from this but realised your potential," Ms Taylor said at the ceremony at Fairfield Youth Leisure Centre

"I thank the mentors and organisations who volunteered to be part of this. To make the great strides necessary in advancing the status of women we all need to work together -- businesses, individuals and communities. Pressing for progress in gender equality is everybody's responsibility. And the most valuable gift you can give someone is your time."

Ms Taylor said since 2013, the state government has provided more than $1.4m under the Investing in Women funding program. Leadership training for female farmers, STEM workshops for girls and career mentoring for regional women were some of the projects.

Projects needed to:

  • Improve women's financial wellbeing or job opportunities;
  • Promote a holistic approach to women's health; and
  • Support women's social engagement.

"We're looking to fund anything from creating job opportunities in male-dominated industries to engaging more women in sports."