OUR SCHOOLS | Holsworthy High students will be LEAPS ahead with this program

From the hundreds of schools across NSW, Holsworthy High is blessed to be one of the dozen participating in the LEAPS program, or Law firms Encouraging and Assisting Promising Students, continuing the school's 16 years of involvement since the program began.

As the school's LEAPS co-ordinator, I can tell you in my 30 years of teaching and all the dozens of programs in which I've been involved, this is easily the most productive and rewarding.

Our students feel extremely fortunate to have been given this opportunity to be mentored by a professional person from a law firm.

This great program certainly would not happen without the mentors from the firms giving up their time each fortnight for the students.

Our thanks to all of these mentors as well as the LEAPS co-ordinators from both of the law firms, Lara Baker and Sally Page for Allens and A. Pavincich, S. Hickie and G. Sheehan for Clayton Utz.

Plus Rhonda Kaidbay and Gillian Newall who manage the LEAPS program for the Education Department.

Starting on May 14, and running fortnightly during the school term until November 12, the students who are being mentored will travel to their allocated law firm in the city, have lunch with their mentor and work through the topic of the day, or perhaps specifically something the student would like to improve about themselves before returning to school for 3pm.

The law firms generously provide lunches for the mentors and students and the Education Department subsidises travel for the duration of the program.

"Students in the program show improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence, goal-setting and social skills."


Holsworthy LEAPS Co-ordinator

The program specifically targets students whom the school believes will get the most out of the experience.

Every student in the program displays self-improvement and ways to possibly overcome or manage anxiety, work on self-esteem and self-confidence, goal-setting, anger management and social skills, to name a few.

This is reflected through the students' progress and development which is evident to parents, guardians and teachers.

Holsworthy High is extremely grateful and appreciative to be one of the few schools involved in LEAPS and is indebted to the continued support of Allens and Clayton Utz.