POLICE | Man crushed by tonne of pallets at Wetherill Park, laser pointer at Cabramatta, and other news of the week

RESCUE: He was in a stable condition but under observation as he was transported by road ambulance to Liverpool hospital. Pictures: CareFlight
RESCUE: He was in a stable condition but under observation as he was transported by road ambulance to Liverpool hospital. Pictures: CareFlight

A man, 24, was in a stable condition after being crushed by a tonne of pallets on the morning of April 10 at WetherillPark. CareFlight's rapid-response helicopter was sent just after 10.30am, landing a short time later on a vacant block 150 metres away from the scene. Ambulance paramedics provided initial assessment and CareFlight's specialist doctor and critical-care paramedic treated the man for a serious leg injury. He was in a stable condition but kept under close observation by the CareFlight medical team as he was transported by road ambulance to Liverpool hospital. Police also attended. CareFlight is an Australian charity set up to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community. Established in 1986, it provides a high standard of care to patients. Its doctors, paramedics and nurses are specially trained to care for seriously injured people who need emergency treatment at the scene of an accident. They also look after seriously ill people who need to be moved between hospitals for specialist care. CareFlight medical teams use helicopters, turbo-prop and jet aircraft and road vehicles.

Kidnap victim was in hospital

A man was due in court last Thursday after being charged with kidnap and assault at Padstow the previous week. About 11.45am on April 5, a woman, 49, went to a Padstow home, planning to stay with a male friend, 58. Police were told the man argued and became aggressive and restrained her. He allegedly threw her into the bath and repeatedly hit and poked her with a wooden stick, bruising her back, arms and legs. About 7.30pm he forced her into his car and drove her to a nearby ATM to withdraw money but her card was declined. He drove home and told her to leave, which she did. She went to Liverpool hospital for treatment for her injuries and police were alerted. At 8am last Wednesday, Bankstown police officers went to a home on Gibson Avenue at Padstow and arrested a man, 58. Investigators established a crime scene which was examined by forensics. The man was taken to Bankstown police station and charged with detaining a person for advantage and causing physical harm. He was refused bail to be in Bankstown court last Thursday.

  • Any information about this incident to CrimeStoppers, 1800 333 000. Information treated in strict confidence. You're reminded not to report crime via police social-media pages.

Drug charge at Cabramatta

At 10am on Monday last week, Fairfield police stopped a car being driven on Vale Street at Cabramatta. The vehicle was searched and police found an amount of cannabis. The driver, a Liverpool, man, 43, was charged with having a prohibited drug and he's due in Liverpool court on May 27.

Laser pointer at Cabramatta

At 10.20pm last Wednesday, Fairfield police stopped a car on Broomfield Street at Cabramatta. A search of a passenger located a white replica toy pistol. When the trigger was pulled the pistol emitted a red light and it was suspected to be a powered laser pointer. The Fairfield man, 24, was charged with having a laser pointer in a public place. He's due in Liverpool court on May 13.

Charged with break-and-enter

Last Wednesday, a Cabramatta, man, 20, presented himself at Fairfield police station where he was charged with breaking, entering and stealing in relation to an incident at a licensed premises at MountPritchard where money was stolen from a restaurant in the premises on March 30. He was given conditional bail and is due in Fairfield court on April 29.

Driver fined for honking his horn

At 1.30pm on Tuesday last week, Fairfield police were driving on Hardy Street at Fairfield below the speed limit because they were looking for an address. A driver behind honked three times for an extended period. The driver, a Fairfield man, 47, had no valid excuse for honking so was fined $337.